Plastination’s twisted, but catchy, rock music was recently described by Die Puny Humans as "stumbling and swaggering, sweet and sly, clever and clumsy. Lots and lots of perfectly deformed little pop songs."

Plastination was started when T.bias began writing and recording material over two years ago after which Gnat, ChriSeto, and Cy joined Plastination to bring the recorded material to the stage. T.bias acts as the front man; singing and playing rhythm guitar, with ChriSeto on lead guitar and backup vocals, Gnat on electric bass, and Cy on drums.

T.bias was previously nurturing the bio-chaotic electronic project 5000 Fingers and has performed with such acts as Meg Lee Chin & Scar Tissue. He has written, produced and engineered Plastination’s sound and has brought in the other members who have broadened and energized the music for the stage. He has worked with other acts such as Involution, Scar Tissue, Monitor, Dead Language, and St. Turpentine.

Gnat, from the industrial rock scene at Invisible Records in Chicago, has brought experience of working with acts such as Pigface and Psychic TV along with her deep ties to funk induced bass lines. She was most recently involved with My Boyfriend’s Band prior to Plastination.

Cy began playing drums at the age of 6. He previously performed with See Colin Slash and My Boyfriend’s Band. His many years of experience bring along a heavy driving rock force.

ChriSeto, a musician of many disciplines, plays guitar and sings backing vocals for Plastination. He also performs with the band M.O.R.F., played with Not From Chicago, and used to be a DJ at the esteemed KCSM. His experience with punk, rock, ska, and jazz adds yet another layer to the live sound of Plastination.

From left to right: T.bias (vox, guitar), Cy (drums), Gnat (bass), ChriSeto (guitar, vox).
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San Mateo, CA 94403